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With English as the bridge that connects China to the rest of the world, we want every child to have the opportunity to broaden their international horizon

Growha offers various programs for kids of all ages. We have a School, Kindergarten and an After School English Program, where we all have classes with the same goal – proficiency in the English language. We teach English to children at all levels where we offer an integrated approach to language learning.

Academic Enrichment


Immersion in an environment with English as the spoken language to create the best conditions for language learning.

Kindergarten - High School

Through Growha you can learn English at all ages. With our network in China we find excellent teachers to provide the best education for your kids.

+ Reading & Literacy
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing
+ Oral English Proficieny
+ English Language Enrichment


After School Program

At Growha we offer an After School English Program, where kids come to learn English. In our After School English Program we focus on the main components of language learning – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, using our own curriculum based on the Playway series. The program is designed to be challenging and interesting and is available for all levels from beginner to advanced.  

+ Reading & Literacy
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing
+ English Language Immersion
+ Fun and Interactive Approach to Language Learning

+ English Language Camps



Give us a call: 898-653-648-22

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