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28/12 - 2020

Check out the pictures from our Christmas party at Hill´s international kindergarten in Wenchang!

The kids were given presents by Santa himself and gave everyone quite a show on the catwalk! :)

29/10 - 2020

We are almost ready to launch our new JingBei Kindergarten located in Xiuying district, Haikou! You can check out our new facilities on the slide below. Enjoy!

24/08 - 2020

Below are some pictures and videos from our classrooms in Haikou and Baoting. Although the pandemic has hit everyone hard, we are still going strong. Happy learning everyone!

Class Baoting.jpg
Class Santi Haikou.jpg

​Today our training center in Baoting was examinated by local government officials. Everything went well and we are ready to resume work as soon as possible. The local government officials were pleased with our handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and said that Growha should be a model for other companies to emulate. Things are getting better in China every day, but in other places of the world things aren't looking quite as well. We at Growha wish you the best. Stay safe everyone!

22/05 - 2020

Below you can see some of the pictures from the 10th anniversary of Growha! It was a magical night filled with laughter. Our foreign teachers as well as the children of Baoting gave us quite a show on the big stage. Happy 10th anniversary! :) 

15/12 - 2019

Here are some pictures from the opening day of our new branch in Baoting. We would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to all the hard work leading up to this day and onwards!

28/07 - 2019

23/07 - 2019

23/07 - 2019

July this year we opened our new branch in Baoting. Have a look at some of the first pictures we took from there! 

Today some of the staff at Growha went and picked some lychee and jackfruit for the hot summer weather